Privacy policies

PRIVACY STATEMENT: Our company and brand does not communicate or transfer to third parties, under any circumstances, the personal data registered by users on the Site. However, this information may be used internally for statistics and to improve products and services offered on our site.

NEWSLETTERS: The sending of emails will be done only with your consent and can be stopped at any time. By registering on our site, you can choose to receive emails with information and promotions from our ICIWAI store.

OWNERSHIP OF INFORMATION: All information on the Site is the property of our ICIWAI brand, therefore it may not be modified, copied, extracted or otherwise used without prior, express and written consent. In this way, the user who accesses the Site is aware that the misuse of this information may lead to the filing of legal, civil and criminal actions.

SECURITY PROTOCOL: Our website has an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate that ensures both the authenticity of the Site and the encryption of all the information that the user gives us. Every time the user registers on the Site and provides personal information, for the purpose of purchasing a product, the browser through which the act is executed connects to the Site through the SSL protocol, which certifies that the user is actually on the Site. the Site and on our servers (which can be seen by the appearance of the HTTPS code in the browser's address bar). In this way, an encryption method for the information provided by the user and a unique session key are established. This technology allows the user's personal information, such as their name, address and bank card details, to be encrypted beforehand so that it cannot be read when traveling over the Internet. All SSL certificates are created for a particular server, on a specific domain, and for a verified business entity.
Let's Encrypt SSL Security Certificate.
SSL certificates protect customers' personal data, including: address, passwords, bank cards, identity information and purchase history will not be disclosed. This technology also prevents access to information by third parties.