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We are ICIWAI. Our purpose is to unite and create the community in Chile linked to conditioning.

Our company started in 2023, from a room in my home, which is a dream of my youth. The love of dressing comfortably and well, plus our passion for exercising or playing sports anywhere, it doesn't matter where it is, just that you practice it.

Today we start and we will do our best to deliver unique clothing that you will sweat in, that will accompany you in every workout, also creating content that can inspire you along with the community.

The result is not important, but the path and being healthy.


Our values ​​are paramount and invaluable. Without these we are in the wrong direction and would lose everything.

First be human . Cordial, accessible, inclusive, tolerant and humble.

Be aware of the world we live in, care for those around us, respect the world to create positive change.

Be honest, trustworthy and true.

Find your path, the reason that leads you to do things.

Above all, it creates very strong family ties, they are important above all.



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